Stax Museum of American Soul
Soulsville, USA

Stax Record Company, Memphis TN - Soul Music

    Stax Museum of American Soul Music is the premier museum honoring the distinct sounds of the blues created by the music and musicians who called Stax Record Company home.   

    From the time you arrive in the parking lot at Stax Museum of American Soul, you will be immersed in the music of Stax.  The music is playing in the parking lot. 

Stax Recording Co was like a family

The people who were part of Stax, which began at this location in 1959, and those who came after, called it home.  It was more than a job, much more than a place to record; it was a place to collaborate, enjoy, and feel the great music being created there.

As you walk through Stax Museum of American Soul and listen to and read about the personal accounts of life at Stax, you will learn about the great love the artists had for this business.  They are quick to say, we were a family. In the personal narratives, both video and written, each one of them will tell you in some way, they were a family.

 A loving, inventive, cohesive family.  They were from all walks of life, highly creative but most of all, the family of Stax Record Co.  The great music they conceived is testimony to the love and heart they put into this recording company.

The number of artists who came out of Stax is massive.  Even if you are not really “into music” you will recognize many names.  Most of us listen to music, know the artist, probably the style or genre, but we do not know the studio where it originated

If you are not acquainted with soul music and how it began, the Stax Museum of American Soul will surely educate you.  If you are familiar with soul music, you will learn still more. 

This museum is full of information about soul, how it came into being, where it came from, who pioneered it, and who made it what it is today.

The studio, you will learn, is an integral part of the sound and the artists who recorded there.  After touring this incredible treasure of a museum, you will be unable to listen to music again without at least giving a passing thought to “where was it recorded.” 

    Stax Record Company was the premier example of a family of artist creating an incredibly successful and recognizable sound enduring for the ages.

    Stax Museum of American Soul does a fantastic job of making you aware of the studio, and the family of artist, as the heart and soul of the recording. 

Toward the end of your visit through Stax Museum of American Soul you will find several not-to-miss areas including the hall of records displaying the albums and singles produced here.   

One of the favorite spots is the impossible to overlook original 1972 Cadillac Eldorado with gold trim and fur lining owned by Isaac Hays

Hopefully, as you arrive at the end, you will still have time to read the plaque with the names of all the Stax artists on it.    

-  Need to Know  -

  • Stax Museum of American Soul is located at 926 East McLemore Avenue, 3 miles from Beale Street.
  • There are several ways to get there.  If you are coming from the expressway side, be ready to turn quickly after the the Exxon Station.  The turn onto Gaither Street comes immediately after the service station.  By the time you hear your GPS telling you to turn, you will have passed it. 
  • There is free, on-site parking.  Stax is at the corner of College and McLemore.  The parking lot is behind the museum off of College Street. 
  • The gift shop is fully stocked with music, clothing and mementos.  A sign or sticker saying Soulsville, USA or a Stax tee shirt will be had to resist if you visit the gift shop after touring the museum.

Museum Hours and Admission

Tuesday - Saturday  
10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

1:00 p.m. - 5: p.m.

The museum is closed Mondays and major holidays.

Adults - $12:00

Seniors 62+, Active Military and Students with proper ID,  $11.00

Children 9 to 12 years old,  $9.00

Children under the age of 8 with paid Adult or Senior admission - Free

Free Admission for Stax Museum Members

YeaMemphis Tip - Just keep going.  This museum is larger than you realize.  Do not stop until you are all the way around to the gift shop again.  Every area has interesting information.  If you know you will only be here for an hour or less, you might want to learn a little about a few Stax musicians before you go so you can concentrate on them. 

If you have read my page about Rock 'n' Soul, you know I am partial to the Memphis Horns.  There is a tribute to them here, be sure you see it. 

Best Photo Ops - YeaMemphis tried to help a couple get their picture made in front of Isaac Hayes Cadillac, but it is almost impossible to get a decent shot, nevertheless, it is very tempting to try.  See if you can get a good photo of the hall of records. 

There is so much inside to remember, get a photo in front of the collage in the entrance, or the sign outside beside the front door.  Both of those are distinctively Stax and will help you remember your visit here. 

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