Memphis Botanic Garden

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The Memphis Botanic Garden is a 96 acre green landscape and blooming haven in the heart of East Memphis.  It provides an outdoor escape complete with gardens, fountains, plants, trees, and flowers.  There are water features, trails, a children's area and specialty gardens. 

Memphis Botanic Garden

Specialty Gardens

Memphis Botanic Garden

There are more than 20 specialty gardens including the rose garden, conifer collection, herb garden, hosta trail, and hydrangea garden

The Japanese Garden of Tranquility is one of the most popular areas.  It has a stunning red bridge, water fowl nearby, and a koi pond.

The red bridge, officially known as Half Moon Bridge, was donated by Ikebana International, Bamboo Chapter. 

My Big Backyard

Memphis Botanic Garden

Children love this section of the garden.  It has its own tree house, dog house, and play areas.  There are 16 different themed areas.  One visit here with your children will be the first of many.  Children of all ages will find plenty of entertainment and creative play in the backyard. 

Memphis Botanic Garden
Memphis Botanic Garden

Activities and Events

The Memphis Botanic Garden frequently hosts workshops, art exhibits, and concerts. There are activities and classes offered for people of all ages. 

One of the most popular events is the yearly series of outdoor concerts, Live at the Garden.  Check the calendar for the line-up of artist, ticket prices, and dates. 

The Staff

While the main attraction is getting close to nature through the forest like atmosphere, the people who work here greatly enhance the ambiance of the garden

The staff is helpful and friendly, from the front desk, to the people who work on the grounds, to the education staff.  They all seem to have an attitude of "welcome to our garden."

- Need to Know -

  • The Memphis Botanic Garden is located at 750 Cherry Road in the east Memphis area.
  • The Garden has paved and woodland paths.  There are enough paved paths to make a good portion of the grounds easily accessible.
  • The Dixon Gallery and Gardens are located less than a half a mile away.  You can visit both in the same day.  Visiting the Botanic Garden requires more walking as it is much larger than the gardens of the Dixon. 
  • The Japanese Garden of Tranquility is one of the most popular areas.  If you visit the Memphis Botanic Garden, be sure to put it on your “do not miss” list. 
  • If you are a resident, check the Botanic Garden calendar for the events each month.  Better still, become a member and receive the postcard each month listing all the activities
  • The Garden has free on-site parking

The photo of the Half Moon Bridge on the right was made on a nice spring day in April, about 11:30 a.m.  I was using a point and shoot camera set on auto.

The picture has been cropped, but otherwise unaltered with photo editing software.  

Memphis Botanic Garden

It was a day when the light was perfect to get the reflection of the bridge, and the water was clear.

I have tried to recreate the photo above so I could tell you how you could get the same photo.  Three visits later and I have been unable to re-create it.  You must be there when the water is clear, and the light is perfect.

YeaMemphis Tips - YeaMemphis has favorites and the Memphis Botanic Garden is one of them.  The Garden has water features, lawn sculptures, trees, and ample walking paths.  Classes and events are offered year round. 

It is a place that is easy to love

Memphis Botanic Garden

Best Photo Ops - The Half Moon Bridge in the Garden of Tranquility is a sure thing for a great photo.  Be sure to notice the reflection of the bridge and see if you can get it in your photo. 

It will be difficult to resist photographing some of the resident water fowl.

Everywhere in My Big Backyard is a photo opportunity. 

Memphis Botanic Garden

Memphis area winters are generally mild.  Our infrequent severe weather is usually short-livedVisit the Garden in the winter and the paths will lead you through interesting and eye-catching wintertime landscapes

Memphis Botanic Garden

Memphis Botanic Garden helping to keep the city green.....

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Memphis Botanic Garden

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