Memphis Attractions

Beale Street - Gibson Guitar - Harbor Town - Graceland

From the most famous of Memphis attractions, Graceland, to the Mississippi River and all the way in between, there are appealing places to visit all over the city.

Memphis attractions are know all over the world

We have Graceland, which draws the most visitors to the city, the Gibson Guitar Factory, Beale Street, the downtown entertainment area, and more. 

While on Beale Street, be sure to walk west to the end of Beale where you will be on the banks of the Mississippi River.  On the way to the river, you will pass the statue of Elvis with his guitar, as seen in the photo above. 

Memphis Attractions in the Downtown area

If you are in downtown Memphis, there is no shortage of places to visit.  Beale Street, the Gibson Guitar Factory, and the Orpheum Theatre are all in walking distance of each other. 

Gibson Guitar Factory

Beale Street

Orpheum Theatre

Woodruff-Fontaine House

Elmwood Cemetery

Attractions near the downtown area, but not in walking distance, include the Woodruff-Fontaine House, and Elmwood Cemetery.  Take a step back in time and experience a different era by visiting Woodruff-Fontaine. 

Learn some of the history of Memphis by visiting Elmwood Cemetery.  If the weather is nice and you have time, the cemetery is a great place to take a walk

Memphis Botanic Garden

If you are visiting and have children with you, do not miss the Memphis Botanic Garden's My Big Backyard.

You and your children can spend a happy afternoon exploring My Big Backyard.

If you take a walk through the gardens, do not miss the Red Bridge over the Koi pond. 

The ducks living in the area of the Koi pond can be quite entertaining. 

Mud Island River Park and Museum

Mud Island River Park is open mid-April through October.  Please check the web site for exact opening/closing dates and admission information.

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