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Graceland in Memphis TN is the home of one of the world's most popular musicians.  Fans from every country come to visit Elvis' Memphis home and tour Graceland.  It is our most often visited attraction.

When you tour the mansion, you genuinely get a feel for Elvis' life in Memphis, TN.  His home is preserved as it was when he made his incredible music. 

While visiting, you will be with people from around the world who love his music and have traveled from all over the planet to visit Graceland, and see the city where he lived. 

It is an awesome experience. 

Touring Graceland

Your Graceland tour ticket includes the audio guide, entrance into the mansion, and buildings with memorabilia, and your transportation from the ticket area to the mansion and back. 

There is parking in the Graceland complex, behind the area where you catch the vans that take you to the mansion.  After you purchase your ticket and just before you board the van, you will receive your audio guide.  The audio guide is included with your ticket price. 

Since there is so much information about Graceland and Elvis' life here, the audio guide is most helpful.  It enables you to stop and look at the rooms and displays, stopping and starting the audio guide as needed.  You can go at your own pace through most of the tour

The buildings

First on the tour is your visit through the house where you can see the rooms, photos of the family and even the kitchen.  When you leave the house, you go to an area where they had offices and the racquetball court

The photo on the right is of the patio on the side of the house near where you exit the mansion.

Elvis' Jungle Room was a very early edition of what we now call a “man cave.”

The building that once housed offices and the racquetball courts is full of memorabilia.  Seeing the offices that once ran Graceland in Memphis TN adds a very personal touch to the tour.  The offices are not decorated like the mansion, but truly reflect a workplace.  

Next is the trophy building where you see Elvis' awards, gold records, costumes, photos, and posters from some of his movies.  The trophy building is where you will spend much of your time.

The Meditation Garden

After the trophy building, the next stop is the meditation garden.  Fans from all over the world continue to send floral tributes to Elvis to be displayed near this area.  All are displayed as long as they remain in good condition.  The weather will eventually take its toll on the arrangements, and only then are they removed. 

Floral arrangements are received all year long, but during Elvis' birthday week celebration and on the anniversary of his death, more than the usual number are sent by devoted fans

The lawn surrounding Graceland

When you arrive at the door to the mansion, when you are going to the various buildings, and when you catch the van to leave Graceland, be sure to take a few minutes to notice the absolutely beautiful grounds surrounding his home. 

You can see how lovingly the lawn, trees, and plants are tended.  The area around the mansion is simply stunning.

The grounds have been designated a Tennessee Certified Arboretum.

The wall

The mansion is on Elvis Presley Boulevard/US 51, an extremely busy street.  If you want to visit the front wall outside of Graceland, do so either before or after your tour, and while you have your car parked in the complex.  There is no place to park on the street in front of Graceland. 

I have been to Graceland several times and have only seen a horse once.  I suggest you plan to not be disappointed if none of the  Graceland horses are on the grounds. 

The only time I have seen one, I was not on the tour, but visiting to get a photo of the wall.  Although I was there for quite a while, this horse refused to turn around so I could get a better photo. 

Yes, making a trip to Graceland in Memphis TN is a treat, and seeing Elvis' Graceland mansion is awesome, but the admiration, love, and fan devotion, is about his music

Before you visit, listen to his music.  It is his music and his spectacular showmanship that made him one of the most successful and beloved performers ever. 

Elvis was magnetic on stage and through his songs.  You must listen to his music before you visit Graceland Memphis TN.  It will reaffirm the how and why of his popularity. 

Elvis won three Grammys.  All three were for his gospel music.  If you want to remember his sound at its best, listen to some of his gospel music.  It is truly amazing as it is as fresh and entertaining now as it was when it was initially recorded. 

The music of Elvis remains popular more than 35 years after his death and rightfully so.  There is no one like Elvis. 

When you arrive

Graceland is about four miles from the Memphis, TN airport.  If you are flying in and picking up a rental car, you could easily make Graceland your first stop

If you are driving in from Mississippi going north on Interstate Highway 55, after you cross the state line into Tennessee, you will be about five miles from Graceland. 

Arriving from Arkansas, driving east on I-40 East, after you cross the bridge into Tennessee, you will be approximately 12 miles from Graceland.   As soon as you cross the bridge, notice the sign to the National Ornamental Metal Museum, a local favorite and one of our hidden gems. 

Arriving from Arkansas on Interstate 61, after you cross the bridge, you will be about 8 miles from Graceland. 

- Need to Know -

  • Graceland Memphis TN is located at 3734 Elvis Presley Boulevard.
  • The Heartbreak Hotel is the only hotel in walking distance of Graceland.  
  • There are two rooms downstairs in the mansion that can only be reached by a stairway.  Most of the other rooms and display areas are accessible. 
  • The Elvis web site provides ample information about tours of Graceland once you arrive.  It is highly recommended before you visit Graceland check out the packages available to you.  Each package has several different prices.  As the package prices increase, you have access to more attractions within the complex. 
  • There is a charge for parking.  It is in an excellent location with easy access to Graceland.  The surrounding neighborhood does not offer good places for convenient parking. 

Best Photo Ops - The front gate is a favorite spot, but there are so many opportunities, you will come away with your memory card full of photos. 

If you see a horse, be sure you get a photo as they can be incredibly elusive.  (and share it with me, please)

YeaMemphis Tip - While visiting the Memphis Botanic Garden one afternoon, I spoke to a lady sitting on a bench who looked exhausted; her husband and two sons were close by.  The boys were about 6 and 8 years old.  They toured both Graceland and the National Civil Rights Museum that day.

Visiting both of those the same day, even without two children, would exhaust anyone.  Plan carefully when you are in Memphis.  There is so much more to see than you might expect. 

Balance seeing Graceland with places you can see in less time, like Sun Studio and the National Ornamental Metal Museum

These Canadian tourist had driven to Memphis TN to see Graceland.  They were going to Sun Studio next.  On their trip home they planned to stop in Chicago. 

More tips about visiting Graceland in Memphis

If you are planning to visit during Elvis' birthday week or the anniversary of his death, make your hotel reservations months ahead of time.  It is very difficult to get last minute hotel rooms those two weeks. 

The same goes for rental cars.  If you are getting a car, make your reservation ahead of time. 

Make your reservations early   

  especially during the weeks of his  

   birthday and anniversary of his death

for both lodging and rental cars.

view from Graceland mansion to Elvis Presley Boulevard.....

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