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My interest in travel.....

I grew up in a small community in West Tennessee and could not wait to to get out of it.  I think I was reading travel books by the time I could walk.

When I tell you I grew up in a library, it is essentially true.  My mother was the textbook and library supervisor for the county school district.  I spent weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings in her office, surrounded by books.

Just as I said, I grew up in a library.  

No surprise, I am a lifelong reader, and I love books. 

Richard Halliburton inspired me.....

As a child, my favorite book was Richard Halliburton’s Complete Book of Marvels.  He went all over the world, and I felt as if I went too, by just reading his words.  

I read his book and carried it around with me until it fell apart.  While my childhood copy is long gone, the love of travel, instilled by Richard Halliburton’s adventures, remains with me.

My inspiration for

Many people who travel frequently like I do rarely talk to their fellow passengers.  We focus on an e-book reader, computer, music, book, or all of that.  I am one of those with my nose inside a book.  When on an airplane, I do not need any conversation.

However, when the trip is not going well, passengers tend to be friendlier, just to talk about the difficulties of the trip. 

Which brings me to why…. 

Several years ago, I was on a flight to New Jersey.  We were delayed boarding in Memphis, delayed departing, delayed landing, and delayed getting a gate.  You get the idea, delayed.

A couple sitting near me with two daughters about 10 and 12 years old spent the previous week in Memphis.  They attended the week long, Elvis Presley anniversary celebration held every year to commemorate his death. 

I asked what other places they visited in Memphis and was stunned when they said none.  I went through a short list of places, Stax Museum, Sun Studio, Dixon Gallery, and Brooks Museum.  Each time the answer was no.  

They saw none of those places.  I did a brief commercial about how great those places are, and if they returned to please try to see more of the city. 

While I certainly respect their right to visit only Graceland, they missed a huge opportunity to learn even more about Elvis, his contemporaries, and our great music.

Publishing a web site….

When I stumbled upon a class to learn “How to Build a Successful Business on the Internet,” I signed up and began building

Hopefully, my web site provides you with useful information about Memphis, TN, and you find time to visit more than one attraction here.

I know I cannot change the attitude or the situation of people who visit a city, and only see one place but.....

  • Would you go to London and only visit Buckingham Palace skipping the crown jewels?
  • If you had the good luck to be in Paris would you go to the Louvre and ignore the Eiffel Tower?
  • In New York City, would you see the Empire State Building and miss Times Square and Broadway?

You may be laughing at the above list.  I understand completely, but before you laugh very much, come visit. 

I have been to all of those cities and they are truly awesome.  We may not have the crown jewels of the British Empire, but we sure have the crown jewels of American Music! 

I will put the prestigious Smithsonian Institute researched Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul up against any music museum, anywhere.  It is truly first class, and after seeing it, you will wish you had it in your hometown.

Here is what I do…..

My attitude when I travel is to see as much as I can while I am there as I never know if I will have the opportunity to return.  

I walked to near exhaustion in New York City because it is a wonderful, exciting city, the capital of the world.  

In Florence, I wore out a pair of shoes and came close to art madness from visiting so many museums.

Berlin brought on a whole new set of problems as my visit was to short and did not allow me time to see the majority of the sights.

If there is a sight, a historic attraction, a museum, and I am anywhere close, I will give up my lunchtime and my lunch money to see it.  I have been fascinated with travel and seeing the world since childhood.

Local resident, a personal view.....

This is a personal view of Memphis, not a guidebook description.  Please keep in mind I do not attempt to tell you everything about a attraction. 

For instance, I do not try to write about everything in Stax Museum of American Soul as I would have to live on-site for quite a while to do so.  Same goes for Rock ‘n’ Soul.  I give you an overview, or I pick information that will be helpful or unexpected.

Come see Memphis…..

It is a joy to visit all the sights, attractions, events and things to do here.  Building could be the best job I have ever had.  I love doing it and sharing it.

Maybe if my voice, through, adds to the information available about Memphis, TN more people will take advantage of what this exciting city has to offer.  

Safe and happy travels,


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