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Welcome to Memphis Tennessee
A city of music on the banks of the Mississippi River.

Memphis Tennesse, is a great place with many attractions.  Come visit, see for yourself.  

If you are coming to visit the city or the surrounding area, or a resident looking for information about the sights, music, food, attractions, and sports, in Memphis, TN, you have landed in the right place. 

The information here is written by a long-time resident who has also traveled extensively both in North American, and Europe.  This introduction to Memphis has the inside stories and personal observations you may not find in guide books. 

Hopefully, it will introduce you to our sights and help you see all the great things here.   

Learn about Memphis Tennessee from a long-time resident. 

Memphis makes you smile.  It makes you move with the great music produced here.  And it really makes you hungry for our signature dish, barbecue

First time here..... 

When you think of Memphis, you immediately think about the music of Elvis and Graceland.  His music was awesome and still is, but he was not our only super star musician

Elvis, Carl, Johnny, and Jerry Lee recorded their best at Sun Studio and changed music history forever.  While visiting Sun Studio, you will stand in the same room and on the exact spot where Elvis, Carl, Johnny, and Jerry Lee sang with heart, soul, and a new beat, changing music history forever. 

And Stax!  The Stax Museum of American Soul is awesome.  You simply cannot miss it.  An enormous number of artist recorded here.  It is one of our true music treasures

The Mississippi River.....

Learn things to do in this great city.  The information here will help you make choices about where to visit that will ensure you depart feeling as if you know Memphis and experienced the best of the city.  Make your travel time and money count

From downtown Memphis you can see the Mississippi River, see the bridge connecting the city to Arkansas, and feel the same power of the river as expressed in the following quote:

”The Mississippi River will always have its own way; no engineering skill can persuade it to do otherwise...”   Mark Twain.

When you are near the river, see the enormity of it, the swift water, and huge barges, you will understand how true the words of Mark Twain were.  They were true in his time, and now as well.

What to do in Memphis Tennessee.....

Yes, we have Graceland and all things Elvis.  Be sure to see those, but here are many more things to do here.  We have museums, mansions, a really interesting cemetery, a metal museum, great views of the Mississippi River and the river bridge, a Main Street arts district, Trolleys to tour downtown, a pyramid and the list continues. 

We are home to world-famous barbecue, but we have more than barbecue.  By the way, if this is your first barbecue experience, you might want to think of answers to the questions you will be asked when you order barbecued ribs. 

We have all kinds of ribs, wet or dry, beef or pork.  By the time you leave you will know which is your preference. 

Would you rather have Thai, Indian, all-American, fried chicken, or deli food, vegetarian maybe?  We have it all.  Learn the favorite restaurants where the local residents eat.  There are more than you might think. 

Welcome to Memphis, TN, our valued visitor.  Best wishes for a great place to stay, delicious food, entertaining and educational attractions.  Come back soon.....and bring your friends. 

Now, on to learn all about the music, sights, food, sports, and things to do in Memphis. 

Our winter weather is generally mild, but we occasionally have snow.  Even a brief snowfall may cause businesses to close

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